Utilizing your Data and the Capstone Project

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Oct 14, 2022
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In this final portion of our learning we will be learning about how to use your data to form groups for differentiated instruction, sending powerful feedback that makes your assessment formative, and an upcoming release - progress reports! By looking at how to use the student data you receive, you can complete the formative feedback loop, by providing students with their next steps on their path to continue to accelerate student growth. Progress reports will provide a holistic view of both whole class and individual student progress, all calculated by the standard, to know your student’s by name and need, enabling you to accelerate student learning through formative assessment.

We’ll conclude our learning with the capstone project, found here.

If clicking above does not work, please copy the following link into your URL bar in an incognito window: 


In the capstone you will create a Formative to use with a planned lesson, including reflection on how the data received will inform your teaching. You can use whatever lesson planning format you prefer, and you can also submit a summary of how the Formative will be used.

Once you submit the Capstone project, the lesson and reflection a Formative team member will review all your submitted materials and application and will reach out to let you know you are now a Certified Formative Educator!

Please allow 2 weeks for our team to complete the review and certification process.

For any questions please reach out to Support@formative.com

Differentiating with Data

Engaging in the Feedback Loop

Coming Soon! Running Progress Reports

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