Setting up your Team for Success

Last Updated:
Jul 29, 2022
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In this lesson we will cover how to set up your team for success, inputting users into their PLCs, and how your team setup can enable your team to have powerful data driven conversations.

Arranging your teams and adding users

When setting up your teams, consider how your school community collaborates. Do you have professional learning communities? Does your team collaborate by content area? Do you have cross-grade level collaboration?

Knowing how your team collaborates will determine how you set up sub-teams, for team members to view and share data easily, and organize their materials in the library. If your team members collaborate in multiple teams, for example, a biology PLC and within their Science department, it is recommended to place your team members in multiple teams.

If you ever need to confirm what teams a teacher is a part of, go to the teacher’s report tab, you’ll see each team that teacher is apart of on the side panel, and by using the drop-down you can move them to other teams, or adjust their role.

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