June 7, 2022 4:30 PM

Getting Started with Formative for Summer School

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Stephen Hudon
Senior Implementation Specialist
In This Webinar:

Prior to this Webinar, please make sure that you have a Formative account and that you are logged in!

Are you ready to set up your account and create your first Formative? This workshop webinar will allow you to work in your new Formative account and set you up for Summer School success!

We will cover:

  • Creating a class and adding students
  • Creating a folder to keep your formatives organized
  • Creating a simple Formative to get you started
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Differentiate learning with audio and video assignments.

Students can respond to your questions by recording themselves using audio and video! This is great for young learners and foreign-language classes. There is a 10-minute limit to recordings, so students will have plenty of time to share their thoughts!

To add an audio response question:

Prompt/ask students to provide a verbal response or explanation!

To add a video response question:

Prompt/ask students to provide a visual response or explanation!

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