Welcome to being a Formative Certified Educator!

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Sep 12, 2022
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To start with becoming a Formative Certified Educator, you’ll be introduced to Formative’s Community Manager, along with a brief summary of the learning objectives, and how you can connect with other educators about Formative!


Welcome to the Formative Certified Educator program! We are excited to provide you with the tools to level up your Formative usage, from customizing your account all the way to collaborating over data with colleagues to drive student success. 

Along the way, you’ll receive tips and strategies that you can implement in your classroom and in your planning to integrate formative assessment effectively. This course will conclude with a capstone project, consisting of creating a Formative to use with a lesson plan, collecting data, and then reflections on your experience. You can find the capstone here, once submitted, a team member will review your submission and issue your certificate and badge to the email listed on your account.

If you have any questions as you proceed through the Formative Certified Educator program, reach out to Support@formative.com , and a team member will contact you. 

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